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Hello there!  My name is Jen and I am the person here behind the lens!  I’m a published lifestyle portrait photographer for beautifully messy, miraculously complicated, ferociously loving couples & families. The kind of families that do not own matching white turtlenecks, and prefer making silly faces, lots of giggles & huge cuddle piles to “chin-on-knuckles” yearbook poses.  My photography style is unposed and candid.  I find that the most amazing photos come from moments that are unchecked.

I started my journey of photography when I was originally attending an arts college in downtown Chicago for what I thought was my dream at the time, majoring in business, fashion merchandising and fashion show production. While attending school, I realized that fashion wasn’t what I really wanted to do.  It wasn’t allowing me to explore my creative side.  It wasn’t until after the birth of my 2 sons, that I realized how much photographing their little details brought me so much joy and happiness!  I’ve been capturing real life through my camera ever since.

My husband is currently serving in the Army, and we are currently living in Central Texas near Fort Hood.  I give a lot of credit to my 2 lil kiddos, Harrison and Weston, for being the best yet complicated models that challenge me and prepare me for any situation.  We also have our 4 adopted fur babies who also are making a cameo here and there in my photos!

Jen Lyon Photography-About Me Page

I am determined, enthusiastic and extremely passionate about photography. I love creating images not just taking them. I really have to say, I can never learn enough! I want to create images that are different and not too conventional. I love those moments created when people do not notice I am still snapping away. I always work towards a high standard and am always learning to try to be the best and know what it is I am doing. I don’t just consider myself a photographer, I consider myself an artist. My camera is my canvas and the light I use to capture each image is my paintbrush. I get great pleasure out of creating and making bodies of work that push my creative boundaries. To me anything is possible, all you need is drive, time and patience. My work will always be deeply personal to me. It’s fueled, created and delivered from the heart.

Me in a nutshell…

I am a huge lover of any wine and bloody marys, obsessed with sugar free Red Bull, animal lover, animal shelter volunteer, addicted to BBQ sunflower seeds, knows almost every word to every episode of Will & Grace, fluent listener to 80’s and 90’s rock & hip hop, gets an adrenalin rush off of finding amazing items at Goodwill and Thrift stores, misses IL weather in the Fall, kiddos tell me I am the “best cooker ever,” can not bake to save my life, Chicago Bears & St. Louis Cardinals fan, my own worst critic, I Google everything (even to win arguments with my hubs), not an author or even want to be, early bird riser, a hand talker, hates any kind of pie, born and raised Army brat, my eyes change colors, chooses beer and bonfires over a crowded public place, loves belting out “Fall Out Boy” songs with my kiddos in the car, passionate about people being able to choose who they love.

I am fiercely determined to fully experience, appreciate & enjoy this life I’ve been given.

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jen lyon photography

Serving Central Texas & Beyond