I have been photographing the S family for a long time now, and it truly feels like we are family!  I was so lucky to be able to photograph sweet lil Samantha’s milestones while daddy was deployed, so he could watch her grow while he was away! I was even more honored when they wanted me to photograph their homecoming session. I seriously love being a part of these amazing moments!  I of course cried seeing Samantha’s face when she seen the busses pull up, and all the soldiers started walking towards the crowd!  Nothing is better than being able to photograph the moment when the S family are hugging finally all together once again!!!

Sullivan 9.jpg
Sullivan 7.jpg
Sullivan 11.jpg
Sullivan Homecoming 13.jpg
Sullivan Homecoming 24.jpg
Sullivan Homecoming 1.jpg
Sullivan Homecoming 27.jpg
Sullivan Homecoming 28.jpg
Sullivan Homecoming 4.jpg
Sullivan Homecoming 33.jpg
Sullivan Homecoming 29.jpg
Sullivan Homecoming 34.jpg
Sullivan Homecoming 35.jpg
Sullivan Homecoming 37.jpg
Sullivan Homecoming 38.jpg

When we picked the day a day on the calendar for the C family’s session, who knew it was going to be so cold and cloudy!  The clouds and the cold has not really happened too much this year in Texas either!  That didn’t bother us anyway, because we were going to have an amazing session regardless! To be honest, I love a cloudy sky just as much as a sunny sky!  Unless its raining and freezing cold, I will not cancel a session because we can still get beautiful photos!

I had an amazing evening photographing the C family! Everything came naturally, easily getting those beautiful smiles, laughs, and giggles you see in the photos! It always takes some time for the kiddos to warm up to the session. That is why I love when clients take the time and fill out the questionnaire, so I can get to know all the little details to get those adorable little smiles. At the C family session, we belted out the songs from the movie “Frozen,” which works everytime for me lol! Photography is never fun for the kiddos if its forced! I believe recipe to an amazing session getting those photos you have wanted is to let the kiddos be themselves! I wanted to share the beautiful C family session because it showed how much fun we had no matter what the weather outside!

Cantu Family 23.jpg
Cantu Family 10.jpg
Cantu Family 25.jpg
Cantu Family 8.jpg
Cantu 2-1.jpg
Cantu Family 15.jpg
Cantu Family 14.jpg
Cantu Family 7.jpg
Cantu Family 22.jpg

As a lifestyle photographer, my job is to document and tell your homecoming story through my lens. I can’t think of a better story to tell then the Cooper family finally having their soldier home safe and sound after a long deployment! This homecoming was even more special because daddy finally got to meet AND hold his sweet lil baby boy for the first time! Moments like that are priceless! I am so glad and honored that they chose me to be a part of such an amazing day in their life. I am so happy for the Cooper family who are now complete once again. Now they can get all settled in and their is no more video calls with screen kisses. It’s now time for real kisses and tight hugs never wanting to let go!

Cooper Homecoming 34.jpg
Cooper Homecoming 40.jpg
Cooper Homecoming 29.jpg
Cooper Homecoming 12.jpg
Cooper Homecoming 5.jpg
Cooper Homecoming 22.jpg

Cooper Homecoming 19.jpg
Cooper Homecoming 8.jpg

How lucky am I that I got to spend the morning photographing sweet baby Davis for his 3 month milestone photos! I love milestone sessions because they allow me to capture those precious details of them growing that you will cherish for a lifetime! Babies grow so fast from when they are born, you want to be able to look back at photos and see when baby starts grabbing toes, sitting up, tummy time etc!

Meet sweet baby Davis and all of his adorable little details!  He’s is too cute!  I had so much fun getting to snuggle with him and see those adorable dimples when I made him giggle!

McDowell 7.jpg
McDowell 4.jpg
McDowell 12.jpg
McDowell 22.jpg
McDowell 44.jpg
McDowell 28.jpg
McDowell 42.jpg
McDowell 41.jpg
McDowell 2.jpg
McDowell 18.jpg
McDowell 1.jpg
McDowell 45.jpg
We can’t forget adding some with mommy and daddy!

McDowell 31.jpg
McDowell 29.jpg
McDowell 8.jpg
McDowell 47.jpg
Davis was so lucky that his Grandma’s were there to get a photo too

McDowell 38.jpg

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One of my favorite type of sessions is birthing sessions!  How lucky am I to get to be a part of one of the most important moment in your life, and I get to tell your story through my lens.  Each and every story I tell is so important to me!

I am so thankful to have met R family! I am overjoyed that they allowed me to tell their story.  I was able to capture the arrival of baby M!

I would have not met the R family if it wasn’t for my dear friend Sarah MacLeod with Ohana Birth Professionals.  She is not only my friend but an amazing Doula in the Central Texas area!!!  Also, I would like to mention she is the best doula in the area!  Jen Lyon Photography and Ohana Birth Professionals have now collaborated on packages that include her doula services and my photography services by me being there to photograph your birth AND your newborn session in your home!  Pretty neat huh!

M BB Session 6.jpg
When I book birthing sessions, I am call from 37 weeks until you deliver.  Based on my own experience, I gave birth to my youngest on the exact day I turned 37 weeks unexpectedly with no camera, no shaving of the legs, no pedicure and almost no husband lol. I understand that things can happen the oppisite of the birthing plan you have in order.
Baby M’s mommy went in labor earlier than had planned, and it was actually Mother’s Day that baby M made his arrival! I couldn’t think of a better day to go into labor! Best Mother’s Day gift ever!

When photographing birthing sessions I know I have a job to do to make sure I get all those little details that you will cherish forever without you being stressed thinking you missed out seeing the important moments that happen during birth.  I want to be able to tell the story for not only the parents but for the family and friends who couldn’t be there : )

Introducing beautiful baby M!

Loved capturing the family moments (be ready for happy tears and the ugly cry lol!)

Roberts Birth 21.jpg
Roberts Birth 20.jpg
Roberts Birth 2.jpg

Roberts Birth 15.jpg

I love this photo of proud dad giving mom a kiss after baby M was born

Roberts Birth 14.jpg
Roberts Birth 13.jpg
Roberts Birth 34.jpg
Here is mama about to hold baby M, getting ready for skin to skin and first feeding!
Roberts Birth 9.jpg
Look at those adorable little toes!!!

Roberts Birth 4.jpg
Look at proud daddy holding baby M for the first time!  I love the connection!!!

Roberts Birth 12.jpg

Roberts Birth 30
I was so happy to get more of these amazing “must have” photos of sweet baby M getting his first bath and foot prints on birth certificate!

When I found out that grandma and grandpa were flying in from Oregon overnight to meet baby. I decided to go with Sarah {Mom’s doula from Ohana Birth professionals} for moms postpartum appt to take photos of grandparents meeting baby M for the first time!

Roberts Birth 27.jpg

My job is not done with the R family!  I am so lucky to get to do the in home newborn session too!  Stay tuned for that upcoming amazing story!  Having a photographer at your birth is so beneficial!  The stress is lifted off of you that all the details are being photographed.  Everything goes by so fast once baby starts coming into the World.  You get to relive the moments anytime you want by looking through the photos I had taken for you!

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