Homecomings {What To Expect}

Homecoming sessions def hold a dear place in my heart! As an Army wife myself, I totally understand the emotions that are faced when dealing with a deployment.  I have been there before.  Me as a photographer, my job is to take one less stress off of you, so you can focus on the safe return of your soldier.  Believe me the whole redeployment process does get really stressful!

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Hiring a photographer for this type of event is a big deal!  I am sometimes booked for homecomings when the deployment has just begun.  Crazy, I know, but it’s smart and not a bad idea considering photographers book fast for homecomings.  I book one family/unit per homecoming.  For example, if someone books me for their soldier’s unit is with the 2/3rd CR, I will then write down the estimated return window in my schedule, the unit, your name etc.  Then, I am completely booked for the whole 2/3rd CR.   Once you decide to choose me to be a part of your wonderful day, a $25 booking deposit fee needed to hold and book your date.  I will email you the link and password to a section of my website called “Client Lounge.” The $25 retainer amount will go towards you session fee amount too.  The remainder of the amount of the session amount will be due the day before the homecoming.  In the “Client Lounge” you can also fill out your questionnaire and the session contract there too!

Jen Lyon Photography Homecoming

Jen Lyon Photography Homecoming Sessions


-Soldier’s name and unit information

-Return time frame

-Names of who will be involved with your homecoming {family members}

-Any other vital information I need to know to help

When booking the session, I will give you my cell phone number so you can text me any information I will need as far as the date changes, location etc. When it gets closer to the actual homecoming session, please text rather than sending emails or Facebook messages. I want to make sure I get the information right away.

*Please be prepared that the arrival date may change multiple times (it sucks I know but this is totally normal) just shoot me a text with the new information so I can be prepared: )

No matter what time or day of your session, I will be there!!!

Jen Lyon Photography Homecoming Sessions


When you get the call/text about the exact time of the homecoming, please plan to arrive at least a little early.  I arrive 30mins before the ceremony time so I can get the small detailed photos before the arrival of your soldier. I will find where you are located by texting you once I arrive at the homecoming location.


-Please keep all important information (dates and times ) given prior to homecoming off of Facebook and all other social media to ensure the soldiers safety

-If the location is outside, think about clothing and comfortable shoes.  Outdoor locations will be on grass, I have seen many heels sink in the ground.  Also think about attire for the weather.

-if you have someone there to video the session with your phone, please make sure they are off to the side so I can move around you during the session taking photos of you hugging your soldier.

-If you had a choice between mints or gum, I strongly recommend mints, but please no gum.  Chewing gum while getting your photos taken does not photograph well.  I can take an amazingly beautiful photo, and have seen that it gets distracted by seeing gum in mouth wide open (I can’t edit that out either)

-I always love seeing patriotic decorated signs, I strongly recommend no balloons.  They aren’t easy to hold during the homecoming and they always seem to get in the way of the photos (especially if the wind is blowing)

-When soldiers are released after the homecoming ceremony, please do not run to find him.  Let him come to you.  I know it’s easier said than done, but please stay put and let him come to you.  Its not easy for me to run with you in the sea of multi cams to keep up and try to take photos at the same time.  From experience, photographs come out so much better if you stay put and I can snap that moment when you see each other for the first time.  Plus its easier for them to find you while they are standing at attention.

-Make sure you find a place to put all your belongings during the ceremony.  Once you know your soldier is on that bus headed to the ceremony site, go ahead and put the phone and keys away so they are not in the photos.  Cell phone and keys in hand while hugging is very hard to do and it becomes distracting, taking away all emotion.

Jen Lyon Photography; Homecoming Sessions

I truly hope this helped when it comes to preparing for a homecoming!  These are pointers that I have gathered from experience to make sure your homecoming goes the way you had hoped and planned : ) If you have any other questions and would like to book a homecoming session, please feel free to contact me : )

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