Client Guide {What to expect}

This is a guide on what to expect when booking any of my sessions.  Take a moment to read through this section to learn a little more about Jen Lyon Photography!

Make sure you read through the Investment Page before deciding to book your session. In order to book, you must complete the Client Agreement, client questionnaire and Pay a booking retainer fee.


Jen Lyon Photography-Newborn Session

When should I book?  Jen Lyon encourages clients to book before the baby is due, so that she can insure that she has space to fit you in on her calendar.  Jen understands that newborns can be completely unpredictable- born weeks early or late.  How you would go about booking a newborn session is we would book based off of your due date by putting that date in the calendar.  You just let me know once you have delivered in the hospital what day would work best 5-10 days after baby’s birth date.  You will still be required to fill out a questionnaire, contract/agreement and pay the booking retainer.

How old should the baby be? Brittany likes to photograph her newborn subjects right around 5-10 days of age. As the baby grows older, he/she will become more aware of his surroundings and less likely to sleep soundly in the poses, keep swaddled, and move around and jerk more because muscles are fusing.

What time do newborn sessions usually take place?  Newborn sessions are booked only Monday-Friday starting at 10am.  I book so far out on the weekends with other sessions, its hard to do sessions on the weekends.  Plus having a family on my own, I like to plan time with them too.

What to expect:  Newborn sessions typically last 2 hours allowing for plenty of time for feeding and comforting.  Each session allows for 3 different set-ups. Due to time constraints, family and sibling pictures are not included in the newborn session.  The lifestyle session includes family photos.

 After booking a newborn/lifestyle session, I will send you my complete guide on what to expect with your newborn session.


jen Lyon Photography- Killeen Texas Newborn Photographer

What age?  My favorite age to photography babies at is right around when the baby is steadily sitting, but not yet crawling. This stage usually lasts anywhere from 6-8 months of age. At this age their personalities are really starting to blossom!  They also have a longer attention span than a 4 month old and are generally very “smiley”.

How long does the session last? Full Baby sessions usually last around 1 hour long.  Milestone sessions are for baby only.  If you would like family photos too, you must book a family session so that we can get photos of baby alone and baby with parents

What time do baby sessions typically take place?  I have found that babies typically to be happier and less tired in the morning hours. Baby sessions can be scheduled around 8-9am.  Cake smash sessions can be scheduled in the AM and Evening.

What to bring?  Bring any of the baby’s favorite toys. These can be used to get baby’s attention and smiles going during the session.  Also bring any favorite snacks.  Sometimes the baby will just need a break and have a little snack during the session to recharge!  If you are doing a cake smash, clients bring that too.



What time?  I likes to photograph kids and families in the evening or in the early morning with the light is soft and pretty.

How long does the session usually last?  Family sessions usually last around 1 hour long. Mini sessions last 20 mins
What to wear?  Gone are the days of everyone matching in white shirts and khaki pants in their pictures!  I encourage clients to vary their wardrobe, while still making sure that colors and patterns blend well.  Please stay away from super crazy patterns, and bright whites.  Creams work but just not whites.  If you have any questions regarding what you are planning on dressing everyone in, I would be more than happy to consult your selections prior to the session via email!


Jen Lyon Photography-Maternity

When to book?   The best time to photograph expectant Mothers is right around 30-34 weeks.

What time?  I love to photograph maternity sessions in the early morning (because of the Texas heat) or evening when the light is soft and pretty.

How long does the session take? Maternity sessions last about an hour.

What to wear?  long maxi like dresses to allow you to accent the belly are perfect.  You can also head to Pinterest to get some ideas too. If you have any questions you can always contact me!



Grogan Birthing 48

When to book?  To book birthing sessions, are exactly like booking the newborn session.  We put your due date into your calendar and I am on call 2 weeks prior to your due date.  We will also have a phone consultation or we can meet, so we can go over the details of how the session will go.

When do you head to the hospital?  I will be there when you are dialated to a 7

Need a Doula?  I also work and partner with a doula so you can get a doula and get a birthing photographer so you can mark that off your list.  If you are wanting to add her services to your birth, please contact Sarah at Ohana Birth Professionals


Jen Lyon Photography-Military Homecoming

For detail about military homecomings, head on over to my Military Homecoming {What To Expect} guide 


I will travel to Killeen, Temple, Fort Hood, Belton, Harker Heights, and the surrounding areas. Because I only use natural light to photograph session, it is imperative that you have an abundant amount of natural light in your home.


I have photographed babies in TX, IL, WA, MO, & GA!  Travel including flight/gas and hotel costs are billed separately.


Your pictures will be fully edited and available to view and download online three weeks after your session date (4 weeks for newborn sessions & mini sessions). Please keep track of the date of your session to expect when the photos arrive.  Checking in to see the status of how the editing is going slows down the process because I am stopping what I am doing to answer a question, and getting me off track at times.  Prints can be ordered  through me.  Your pictures will remain online for 2 weeks.

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